Focus Group for “Mapping the Greek Cultural & Creative Sectors Skills”

Focus Group for “Mapping the Greek Cultural & Creative Sectors Skills”

Concerning the transnational program Arts, financed by the Erasmus PLUS project, of the EC, The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen have done research on the Creative and Cultural field in Greece, trying to define the new competences and transversal skills. The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen have organized a meeting of the team holders on 27th of April 2015, from 11:00am to 15:00pm, at the “Epinoo” (of the NTUA) Offices at 6-8 Vlahava Str., Monastiraki – Athens. The Focus Groups have used questionnaires with targeted context giving the appropriate information data.

The approach chosen to define the needs of this research was the Focus Groups methodology, found to be the appropriate tool meeting the highest quality standards through the interactive platform of the participants.

  • The Focus Groups was consisted of the representatives of the bellow
  • Public Sector Policy Makers (The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports,
  • The Hellenic Ministry of Labour, Social Protection, The Hellenic
  • Manpower Employment Organization)
  • The Academic Community
  • Networks of lifelong Centres
  • Associations, Institutes and Chambers of the Cultural and Creative Field
  • Museums and Institutions of Culture
  • Innovative Businessmen of the field


Attendees of the Focus Group on “The mapping of skills in the cultural and creative sector in Greece”

  • Industrial Property Organisation (IPO): Eleni Miskou, Tel: +30 210 6183553, Email:
  • Bank of Greece: Sofia Lazaretou, Tel: +30 210 3202992, Email:
  • Ministry of Culture, Education and Religion: Xryssa Tsogka Mob: +30 6973746434, Tel: 210 3222389, Email:
  • Union of urban, non commercial troupes: Aimilia Ypsilanti, Tel: +30 6932750323, Email:
  • Dimitrios Zougris, Mod: +30 6938068315, Tel: +30 210 6205139, 1st Email:, 2nd Email:
  • Eurotraining: Krystallia Christodoulaki, Mob: +30 6973608409, Tel: +30 210 3306986, Email:
  • NTUA: Fenia Markou, Mob: +30 6979340132, Email:
  • Panteion University: Vassilis Avdikos, Mob: +30 6981445370
  • NTUA: Yannis Caloghirou, Tel +30 210 7723253, Email:


You may find the invitation in Greek here.

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