Dissemination for ArtS


Dissemination for ArtS

What will happen to museums when digital technology shows its full potential? What features will the museum of the future have? How will it seize the opportunities offered by digital innovation? What competencies does this industry need to keep museums relevant from the twentieth century to the present? To understand what role the digital driver is playing in the modernization of the industry, these questions has been asked to ten internationally renowned European museums, where different types and sizes of collections are conserved.

Symbola, in collaboration with Melting Pro (partner of the Arts Project), produced the report “Museum of the future” – as part of  European project Mu.SA “Museum Sector Alliance” (http://www.project-musa.eu), which aims to address the increasing disconnection between formal education and training and the world of work, because of the emergence of new job roles due to the quickening pace of the adoption of ICT in the museum sector. To assist cultural professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills for the digital transformation of the museum sector, the Mu.SA project is designing and testing a unique training method.

Here the link to the report: http://www.project-musa.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/MuSA-Museum-of-the-future.pdf

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