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Funding is a major issue in the creative and cultural sectors. The ArtS project aims to present all currently available funding opportunities and financial support programs for cultural creation in the EU and beyond. In this section, you will find:

  • Funding opportunities in the European Union: we try to explain the difference between a call for tender and a call for proposals for your projects, the different types of public funding programmes and how and when to look for further information.
  • Funding opportunities beyond the European Union: not only in the EU will you find opportunities to fund your ideas. The whole world will offer you many way which you should get to know.
  • Private opportunities to fund your project: there are private paths to fund your projects and they can be so diverse as the traditional banking system and the new crowdfunding schemas.
  • Tips: in this section, you will find many tips on how to write your proposals, where to find new ideas or new partners, etc.

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