How to apply for funding


In general, the steps to apply for all grants are as follows:

  1. Get informed: download all documents of the call you will be applying. Read them carefully. You can find some tips in our Tips section.
  2. Find your partners: in some calls, you must present a team with a consortium leader and several partners. Plan accordingly which partners you will approach. LinkedIn, some other websites and, in general, networking places are useful resources to find partners.
  3. Submit your proposal: you must submit your proposal before the deadline. This process is almost always online.
  4. Evaluation by experts: once the deadline has passed, all proposals are evaluated by a panel of independent specialists in their fields. The panel checks each proposal against a list of criteria to see if it should receive funding.
  5. Results: you will be informed about the results after the evaluation process. In case you are successful, a grant agreement will be sent to you with further instructions. Now it is when the project will really start!

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