National Focus Groups

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Taking into account the specificities of each partner country regarding the Cultural and Creative Sectors, it is of crucial importance to have a continued support from a group of key stakeholder institutions that helps in providing guidance towards the implementation of the goals of the project. As such, a National Focus Group (composed of several key national stakeholders from the Cultural and Creative Sectors at national and European levels) was established by the partners with sector-specific expertise in each partner country.

National Focus Groups from each partner country contributed to the project evaluation, review and curricula development, thus, providing significant advice on the content of the ArtS training programme and other project activities.

ArtS Spanish Focus Group

  • JESÚS FICTORIA, Musician / Performing Arts
  • ANA BROCAL, Ceramist / Visual Arts
  • BAZARETH MARTÍN CONESA, Dancer / Performing Arts
  • CARMEN MARÍA CAJA PUJANTE, Jewelry Manufacture / Craft
  • VEGA CEREZO, Poetess / Literary Arts
  • GINÉS NAVARRO PIÑERO, Musician, Cinema Director / Performing Arts
  • ANA BELÉN GARCÍA, Cultural Sector
  • JOSE PERELLÓ, Audiovisual and Multimedia, Performing Arts

ArtS Italian Focus Group

  • LUCIA ZAPPACOSTA, PhD in Cultures, Languages and Communication Policy, Independent Curator, Artistic Director of Alviani ArtSpace
  • CARLOTTA GARLANDA, Project Manager for cultural projects, Performing Arts
  • CRISTIANO PEDDIS, Publishing Editor, Editor, Translator, Literary Arts
  • IMKE BAHR, Co-founder and Project Manager of nois3 Creative Studio
  • ELISABETTA MARIANI, Communications Consultant, Journalist, Co-founder of F*UTILE
  • SIMONE MORALDI, Expert in Film Literacy
  • VALENTINA FIORE, Art Historian, Co-founder of SGUARDO CONTEMPORANEO curatorial collective

ArtS Greek Focus Group

  • MONIKA NIKI TSILIBERDI, Head of the Section for Synergies & Multilateral Cooperation, Directorate for the Development of Contemporary Creation, Directorate General for Contemporary Culture, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs
  • VASILIS AVDIKOS,  Lecturer, Dept. of Economic and Regional Development, Panteion University, Researcher of creative and cultural industries
  • SOPHIA KOUSTA, Musicologist, International Affairs, PR, Trainer, Production manager  of S.Mou.Th
  • COSTAS LAMPROULIS, Director, Writer, Methodology Developer, Trainer, Artistic Director of S.Mou.Th
  • DEMETRIS ZOUGRIS, Marketing Director Communications Services – Cultural Production

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